Wim Hof 10 Week Video Course – Is it Worth the $200 Investment?

March 12, 2019

Many are aware of Wim Hof’s widely popular training course and the book What Doesn't Kill Us by Scott Carney. After reading the resources and watching video’s of Wim Hof and a nudging from a great friend, (Georgeta – accountability partner -who had just purchased the program), it was time to test out the entire course to see if there was some value to it.  

Top 5-health benefit of cold showers publicized from various studies:

  1. Improved circulation
  2. Strengthening your immune system
  3. Assists in recovery of fatigued muscles
  4. Help against depression and makes you more alert
  5. Better breathing

The main questions I wanted to answer were, what outcomes would happen over time?  Would I feel better overall?   Could I really embrace the cold?


Many have experienced amazing life changing experiences from the program with the hundreds of testimonials, but I wanted to see would the combination of deep breathing exercises and daily cold exposure create a positive changing influence.


  • Pre Test:  39 pushups while breathing prior to the course
  • Pre-Test breathe hold of 50 seconds prior to the course
  • Pre-Test Cold Shower – approximately 30-40 seconds until it was just miserable.

My personal experience had many of the similar comments as the loyal fans, but I wanted to see real results.    Clearly, there was something to the breathing as its combined with the cold showers or being outside in the cold.   

  1. Mental alertness improved and concentration dramatically over time. 3:30AM wakeup throughout the entire 10 weeks was not a problem even during 80+ hours working during my busy tax season.  
  2. Strength improved 73% with the one exercise – pushups
  3. Flexibility improved to the point of holding several of the Yoga poses compared to the beginning. Several strength moves were accomplished
  4. Missing a morning session was not an option as it was never boring, tiring or dreadful.
  5. Mentally it helps with staying mindful and present and reinvigorated mindfulness sessions.
  6. Standing in a cold shower improved 93% but more importantly it became a daily ritual mentally that rounded out every morning.



133 pushups NO BREATHING – This one still amazes me

Breathe hold of 3:49

Cold Shower – 15 minutes no problem and running 40 minutes in 5 degrees outside with just shorts and shoes.

Feel amazing!

Beyond all the results, the most impactful item of the Wim Hof course is that you feel amazing, with renewed energy and recovery.  That’s my take away and will continue this protocol ongoing in the daily routine.  It’s an exceptional $200 investment with the weekly Wim instructed videos!  A very small investment in health to feel better (I am not a paid spokesman or affiliate marketing arm).


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