Who Is In Your Corner? A Birthday Wish to my Greek Queen - Evania

January 21, 2020

Happy Birthday, Evania! Most know my wife as Jan or Janice, however, the root of her Greek name means Goodness and Peaceful.    

How many times have you heard the statement, Who’s in your corner when things go wrong and is always there for you to share joy and love?  Who is your go-to person that always has your back?


In the world of social media and all the connections and casual acquaintances, ask yourself how many individuals do you have in your corner all the time.  As we hear the statistics so often, it’s probably just a couple individuals and in many times just one person that you would call and actually speak to at any given moment live– not texting, messaging, audio messaging.  Ask yourself who you would call. 

Evania my bride is always by my side, through business and life failures and successes.  On her birthday today we will celebrate– well let’s redefine this, in the Greek world that I live daily and cherish, a Greek birthday is a month-long celebration.  Many times, I think it might never end, but always grateful beyond to share another birthday with my best friend. 

What defines a best friend to you?   As you build relationships and friendships over time consider the following that result from an in your corner friend. 

1.    They are supportive and will not unnecessarily criticize you.

2.    They will listen and not just talk all the time. They actually hear you.

3.    A best friend will go beyond and always looks out for you.

4.    They put your needs before theirs.

5.    Your friend will accept all your life flaws – clearly Eviania handles mine so well!

6.    A great friend will help you see a different way at looking at and solving prolems

7.    A great friend will take your call at 2AM and come and pick you up when you have a flat tire, life circumstance or tragedy and no questions asked.

8.    A best friend will offer a shoulder to cry on.

9.    They will be there for all the celebrations in life and never make excuses.

10. They are ALWAYS in your corner and will always pull your forward not in reverse. 

 As we all know, great marriages are filled with deep friendship. Here’s to another year of crazy adventures Evania, Hronia Pola!

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