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January 10, 2020

After writing over 350 blog posts, 4 books and never finding time with excuses of fully launching a podcast, I figured what better time to test the waters at the beginning of a New Year.   Unstoppable Curiosity is a collection of inflection points and ideas that I have used with success and failures.   These might be useful to you with your own business or life.

From the beginnings of selling insurance door to door with my first job, to running my own business, to living and doing business in over 30 countries and global adventurous travel and racing across the US by bike, car and planes – I will offer examples that might resonate as you look toward your next big thing.

The audio series will cover the following to l that will occur throughout 2020.

It will be accompanied by text as with the normal blog.  

What Will Be Covered?

Results oriented rich content. 

The overriding theme is breaking the Mold. The topics will be grouped in 4 areas:

  1. Business Tips and Tactics
  2. Your Own Gigging
  3. Personal Development Tools
  4. The Pursuit of Adventure through Endurance Sports

Over the last 30 years of successes and failures in life, business and athletic endeavors, one thing that has resonated through it all:  is that I have had many amazing mentors and teachers and the top of the list were my mother and father.  The lessons will be outlined throughout the audios in 2020 and hope they might offer insights to your own situation. 

There is a significant cross over of entrepreneurial success and endurance focused sports.    The two main components in both are

  1. Extreme Work/Preparation
  2. High Tolerance for Pain.  

The lessons will illustrate ideas around creating solutions to the complex challenges facing in life.      Many times these are common sense but often forgotten in the hectic day to day life.


Of course when my Greek Queen comes up with a great recipe, I will share it along with books to consider reading and of course DECA our pup.

What Won’t Be Covered? 

No B.S.   

No Food Delivery Commercials

No Hacking

Not just one Theme – just like in business, diversification works.


Happy New Year!


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