Trans Am Tri – Southern Tier Swelter/Bikepacking Checklist

December 31, 2019

Bikepacking Checklist Click Here for Audio

There are so many different approaches to what to take on a long bikepacking journey. There is not a one best-fit option and for most it’s very personalized approach to planning on what will be packed on the bike.

6 Questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you have a high sweat rate and need to carry a lot of water?

2. Will you take a camelback, more water and storage but can be hot?

3. Would you ship clothing or supplies to a post office on the route?

4. Do you get cold easily, which would require more sleeping warmth outdoors?

5. Can you consume convenience store food for several weeks?

6. Will you sleep outside, campgrounds or motels/hostels only?

Bikepacking Checklist Example

1. Walz Cycling Cap

2. Buff and tiny microfiber towel

3. Extra pair of Rapha Cycling Bibs

4. Icebreaker Wool T-shirt and running shorts

5. Club Ride Cycling Shirt

6. Reflective Vest

7. Pearl Izumi Arm sun covers

8. Pearl Izumi Leg warmers

9. Rain jacket

10. Xero shoes

11. Darn Tough Wool cycling socks

12. Mountain Hardware Puffy coat

13. Blackburn Bivy and Klymit Inertia X-Lite sleeping pad

14. Ben’s Mosquito net covering head/mosquito spray

15. Cycling Gloves - $10 Hardware store

16. Tool kit (multi tool, tire boot, tubeless tire repair, gorilla tape, RockNRoll bike oil) and 1 tube

17. Spot Tracker - SpotX

18. Garmin Etrex 35

19. Lezyne Small Pump

20. First Aid kit (sunscreen, lip balm, bandages, nail clipper, zip ties)

21. Tooth brush, toothpaste, ear plugs

22. Sandwich bags

23. Ortleib saddle bag

24. Revelate Tangle Frame bag

25. Salsa Top Tube bag

26. Water purification tablets

27. Volle Thick Straps

28. Planet bike 4 required real lights

29. Klite – Dynamo hub

30. Camelback for frame bag

31. 1 Swell Water Bottle Insulated and 3 regular bottles

As you look at your bike kit, the next step is to test it all out with a few short trips. Typically, when self-supported athletes are asked, what’s the one thing would they change in a long event - to take less stuff. It’s important not to over-pack.

Happy planning – 5 months till race day!

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