Trans Am Tri Budget

September 24, 2019

One of the frequent questions we receive about Trans Am Tri is “How much should I plan on budgeting for the event”? No matter what budget you prepare, keep in mind that you should prepare for some initial expenses that are not included in the budget below – electronics, lights, reflective decals, new clothing, sleeping kit, etc. if you have not done events that have a self-supported component. The budget guidelines can also be used for sponsors, so they know the exact costs of your adventure.   

One cost reduction item that is common for athletes on a cross country bicycle or running expedition is the vast amount of FREE things that come up by just been nice to the local people and the various trail angels. Personally, I have received meals, snacks, clothing and rooms for free.  Most people will be amazed when they hear what you are doing and will be generous to help.

Trans Am Budget - tips and considerations as you prepare for the Toughest Ult

These expense amounts are just a guide in your preparation. Consider a few multi-day training trips on the bike to equip you for the self supported mindset and the expense requirements.   During your self-supported training sessions, you will be able to determine your specific needs, which will vary from athlete to athlete. 

The financial costs are averages taken from my debit card banks statements of the 3 self -supported bike events across the United States, (Trans Am Bike Race, Tour Divide, Bike Non Stop US).     

The following example includes many of the potential expenses; the totals are based on a 28-day finish time.    



Race Fees                                                                   $895

Flights if needed (varies)                                         $1,200

Daily Food (28 days at $35)                                     $980

Accommodations (camping and 20% motels)       $300  

Crewing ($125 per day and food for 8 days)         $1,000

Bike Repairs (chain, brakes, tires)                          $300

Phone service                                                            $40

Spot Tracker                                                              $50

Medical Supplies                                                       $125

Bike shipping                                                            $250

Misc.                                                                           $300


            Total                                                               $5,440


The average cost per day for everything for the month is $194. An idea you might consider is subletting your house or apartment while you are away. It’s easy to do with Airbnb.  

As you can see, the flight expenses are a large amount of the budget and through careful planning and booking there can be money saved for those who need to fly to Orlando and the return flight from Los Angeles.

These expenses can be reduced for sure by focusing on a strict budget. It’s important to gather a list of items you need to purchase ahead of time and they will be in addition to the above estimates. I will prepare a summary checklist of items to consider for the trip in a future video. 

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