January 23, 2020

Mental training is a topic that we hear continuously in racing, but it continues to be a “hole” in many training plans. It’s one thing to talk about mental training and completely different to actually build a mental training plan and practice it DAILY – just like a physical training plan.

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Post Season Reflections– Most Excited Races for 2020 Part II The Brutal Quintuple in Wales

December 10, 2019

Following up to the previous blog last week, regarding the best race experience reflection you had in 2019, now consider a pivot to what’s on your schedule for 2020.  Which event stands out from the all the others.  It may be the A race or a secondary event, but what uniqueness or experience are you looking forward to above all the events or adventures.

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Post Season Reflections– Best Race Experience 2019 Part I 714 Miles of Bliss Across South Dakota

December 02, 2019

As the winter off-season training season begins, have you taken some time to think about the single best race experience you had during 2019? I did not say the best race performance, but race experience (they may be synonymous). Also, what excites you for 2020?  Is there one race that you can’t wait to do?  This will be covered in the Part II post. 

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Top 12 Sleep Locations During Trans Am Tri

October 02, 2019

One of the unique aspects of self-supported races is determining wile you are on the move, where you might take a rest. There are plenty of options with or without a roof and in many cases free. 

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Heat Acclimation, 6 Tips and Strategies– Ultra Endurance Races

September 20, 2019

How do you get ready for the extreme dry heat of the desert or intense humidity in a multiple day ultra endurance race?  This type of training is extreme and make sure you start short, maybe 5 minutes!  Please implement a process of gradual progression all of these techniques.

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Nothing Better Than A First Time Event - Inagural Bike Non Stop US 3400 mile bike race

July 30, 2019

When our friend Nathan Jones (Race Director of the Trans Am Bike Race) sent out an email early this year about a new route including gravel across the US, my mind immediately went to planning stage. The attractions were it was a new route, riding across the US meeting amazing Americans in small town USA and specifically joining along for the inaugural race.

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