January 23, 2020

Mental training is a topic that we hear continuously in racing, but it continues to be a “hole” in many training plans. It’s one thing to talk about mental training and completely different to actually build a mental training plan and practice it DAILY – just like a physical training plan.

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Post Season Reflections– Most Excited Races for 2020 Part II The Brutal Quintuple in Wales

December 10, 2019

Following up to the previous blog last week, regarding the best race experience reflection you had in 2019, now consider a pivot to what’s on your schedule for 2020.  Which event stands out from the all the others.  It may be the A race or a secondary event, but what uniqueness or experience are you looking forward to above all the events or adventures.

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Race Planning – Trans Am Tri 28-Days:  Ideas and Plan

November 14, 2019

Similar to any race with a time cutoff, it’s helpful to craft a plan by breaking it down to the specific time targets and distances needed per day to make the cutoff. It’s a common sense, right?  

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Top 12 Sleep Locations During Trans Am Tri

October 02, 2019

One of the unique aspects of self-supported races is determining wile you are on the move, where you might take a rest. There are plenty of options with or without a roof and in many cases free. 

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Trans Am Tri Budget

September 24, 2019

One of the frequent questions we receive about Trans Am Tri is “How much should I plan on budgeting for the event”? No matter what budget you prepare, keep in mind that you should prepare for some initial expenses that are not included in the budget below – electronics, lights, reflective decals, new clothing, sleeping kit, etc. if you have not done events that have a self-supported component. The budget guidelines can also be used for sponsors, so they know the exact costs of your adventure.   

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Heat Acclimation, 6 Tips and Strategies– Ultra Endurance Races

September 20, 2019

How do you get ready for the extreme dry heat of the desert or intense humidity in a multiple day ultra endurance race?  This type of training is extreme and make sure you start short, maybe 5 minutes!  Please implement a process of gradual progression all of these techniques.

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May 08, 2019

We are happy to announce some of the exciting news of events that are in the works for the ultra endurance world. 

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Unstoppable Curiosity - Success Ideas for Life and Business

January 03, 2019

After hearing from my employees and readers over the last several years commenting on my blog, it’s time to finally summarize the best of the best blog posts in one eBook. These 70 short chapters will highlight the most popular blogs from the last 12 years. The most important component is that this summary will add value to your life and business. If you implement one of the ideas, it might be life changing just as it has been for our family, friends, colleagues and team members.

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October 22, 2018

As we approach the year-end ultra triathlon-racing season with DECAMANUSA (along with all the other major ultra endurance events), one thing we can guarantee that will happen, is DRAMA. Each athlete deals with adversity and corresponding DRAMA differently, but make sure your event does not end like a Greek tragedy.

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