Home Office - Top 5 Simple Tips for Productivity

January 24, 2018


Do you have a home office? It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur, work in your pajamas technology employee or 1099 subcontractor, setting up your home office correctly is important, but making sure that the home office does not run your life in many cases, is the bigger challenge.


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TAX Season Final Week - Riding Fun and Top 5 Challenges

April 11, 2016

For those of you who are accountants or tax preparers, this is “hell week”. Hopefully, you have completed your tax returns or have a good idea of what payment to send along with your extensions. The week will be a blur for those of you in the profession and after 25 years doing tax work, it seems like the weekend will never arrive. Keep in mind, April 18th is the last day to file this year.

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The Yips - Entrepreneur Anxiety and Time to Get Back In the Zone

March 21, 2016

Getting the Yips is most commonly associated with sports such as golf or baseball. As Wikipedia defines Yips: the loss of fine motor skills in athletes. The condition occurs suddenly and without apparent explanation usually in mature athletes with years of experience. It is poorly understood and has no known treatment or therapy. Athletes affected by the yips sometimes recover their ability, which may require a changing technique. Many are forced to abandon their sport at the highest level.

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