5 Tips for Preparing for the DECAMANUSA - 1 Ironman per day format

August 07, 2018

The challenges in the 1x10 and 1x5 DECA have well been documented by athletes over the years that have finished this event. The format of one Ironman per day with a 24 hour time cutoff on the surface does not sound that bad.

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Sleep Deprivation for the DECA or multi day race - You Don't Need as Much as You Think

November 06, 2017

Sleep deprivation and staying in the "safe-zone" is always a concern with athletes completing in long multi-day (5+ days and longer) events.  How often do we hear that it's a fine line - if you go to far into a sleep deprived state, its very difficult to recover and keep pushing throughout the race before a meltdown.

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