If You Want to Be Your Own Boss, Go Outside on a 30 Day Journey - Top 5 Business Lesson Takeaways

April 24, 2019

Over the past 15 years, I have consulted and coached new entrepreneurs, who were considering leaving the paycheck comfort of a salary job to becoming part of the You Economy. 

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1 Simple Sales Question to Ask Customers in Final 60 days of 2016

October 27, 2016

Build momentum into 2017 by asking your top 3 customers what it would take to get an incremental increase in business within your specialty. Ask about what your competitors are doing and how you can assist for a small percentage of increased business.

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Texting and Connecting with Your Customers

October 18, 2016

The common customer communication practice after a meeting is to follow up by phone call or email. However, with the growing trend of business (not just personal) texting, with the simplicity and exceptional open rate results, more companies are including it as part of their overall marketing plan. Sending a photo with the text when thinking of a customer can provide better overall connection and personalization.

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To Outsource or Not To Outsource – Dilemma

April 19, 2016

Outsourcing, the word so popular in the 1990’s and today everything is “disruption”. Two different things of course but have many crossovers to life and business.

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Storytelling – A Learned Skill Which can Help Your Business

April 14, 2016

“Storytelling is who we are”, Gallo

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The Yips - Entrepreneur Anxiety and Time to Get Back In the Zone

March 21, 2016

Getting the Yips is most commonly associated with sports such as golf or baseball. As Wikipedia defines Yips: the loss of fine motor skills in athletes. The condition occurs suddenly and without apparent explanation usually in mature athletes with years of experience. It is poorly understood and has no known treatment or therapy. Athletes affected by the yips sometimes recover their ability, which may require a changing technique. Many are forced to abandon their sport at the highest level.

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