The Top 7 Ultra Cycling Injuries and Issues

March 02, 2020

This is for those of you who are considering ultra distance cycling. Injuries and health issues that may come up when doing and ultra distance cycling particularly a self-supported one.

Quick Breakdown:
1. Saddle Sores
2. Hand Numbness
3. Knee Pain
4. Neck Issues - Shermer's Neck
5. Road Rashes/Crashes
6. Achilles Tendon
7. Sun Burn

Listed to the audio to learn my recommendations on how to avoid and incorporate solutions/options to these Ultra Cycling Injuries and Issues.

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Post Season Reflections– Best Race Experience 2019 Part I 714 Miles of Bliss Across South Dakota

December 02, 2019

As the winter off-season training season begins, have you taken some time to think about the single best race experience you had during 2019? I did not say the best race performance, but race experience (they may be synonymous). Also, what excites you for 2020?  Is there one race that you can’t wait to do?  This will be covered in the Part II post. 

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Race Planning – Trans Am Tri 28-Days:  Ideas and Plan

November 14, 2019

Similar to any race with a time cutoff, it’s helpful to craft a plan by breaking it down to the specific time targets and distances needed per day to make the cutoff. It’s a common sense, right?  

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Heat Acclimation, 6 Tips and Strategies– Ultra Endurance Races

September 20, 2019

How do you get ready for the extreme dry heat of the desert or intense humidity in a multiple day ultra endurance race?  This type of training is extreme and make sure you start short, maybe 5 minutes!  Please implement a process of gradual progression all of these techniques.

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2018 Tour Divide Thoughts, Highlights and Differences From Trans Am Bike Race

July 26, 2018

It’s been two weeks since the finish of one of the hardest endurance events in my career – The Tour Divide and its finally starting to sink in. I have reflected of the month long journey and the following highlights might offer some insights to the event if you are considering it in the future. As many of you know, I don’t write detailed race reports, but shorter summaries of the learning lessons so you can use some ideas and of course not make the same mistakes as me! I will never forget this brutal event as it was my 3rd 30-day endurance race (Triple DECA Ironman, Trans Am and Tour Divide) and it offered plenty of surprises and challenges along the way.

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EverEST Bike Challenge Perspectives

September 26, 2017

The Everesting Challenge is an intriguing idea for those of you who want to do "your own" long endurance event.   The history of the idea and rules can all be found at   The rules are quite simple, find a hill and ride up and down it for as long as it takes to complete 29,029 feet or 8,848 meters of elevation gain.   

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