It's All About The Deca - Personal Learning Lessons of DecA #1 - Book Excerpts

April 03, 2017

One key goal in my 4th upcoming book was to share some of my personal stories, learning experiences and lessons from other athletes.   All of my past insane stories are covered in live presentations, but I have often forgot to include in the books.  The books have been centered around the race, history and the athletes and not a personal day by day account of my race.  However, there  will be plenty in It's All About The Deca.  You will love the The DECA Tool Kit in the book. 

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It All Begins at 4AM!

March 08, 2016

It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” – Aristotle

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Athletes, Business leaders, Consultants, Teachers, and Entrepreneurs How To Write Your Book & Actually Sell To Make a Profit

February 26, 2016


There is a big difference of writing a book, selling it and making a profit vs. just selling and earning top-line income. I have learned through writing my three books a myriad of lessons – good and bad. I have experienced many ups and downs from publishers, editors, marketing, PR firms, hybrid, printers, graphic design companies, lawyers, web developers, etc.

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