Top 12 Sleep Locations During Trans Am Tri

October 02, 2019

One of the unique aspects of self-supported races is determining wile you are on the move, where you might take a rest. There are plenty of options with or without a roof and in many cases free. 

Everyone will have different sleep strategies, but one thing we all have in common – we must sleep at some point during the race. During the Trans Am Tri and TransAmTri945 there will be self supported sections during the bike and support during the run.  

  1. The Ditch
  2. Motels – no pre-race registration
  3. Campsites
  4. Warm showers
  5. Hip Camp (tents, yurts, camping)
  6. Churches 
  7. City parks
  8. Baseball fields
  9. Fire department
  10. Post office lobby’s
  11. Campground public restrooms shower 
  12. Trail Angels
Tip 4. Top 12 Sleep Locations for Trans Am Tri.  triventure

Of course, use common sense especially with wild camping throughout the race.   If you are genially interested in the people along the way, you won’t believe the graciousness and opportunities that will happen along the adventure journey.




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