The Age Challenge – 1 X Per Month

September 20, 2019

This was a birthday challenge that I did this year and it was challenging and fun.   It might be an intriguing challenge to consider or do 1 x per month.   This could be something you test out on your birthday or any other day based upon your age. 

Give it a try and the variety of the sports made it quite enjoyable and it’s important to pick sports with some done outside versus inside. 


The Age Challenge Example:

Age 52

  1. The first digit of your age is the number of sports that you will do.

5 Sports – Swim, Bike, Run, Paddle, Weights.    It can be any sport. 

  1. The second digit of your age is how many times you do all the sports. So for age 52, you will go through the sports 2 times.
  1. The duration of each sport is in minutes and based on your age. For age 52, this is 52 minutes for each sport.

To summarize age 52: 5 sports with each sport lasting 52 minutes and 2 times through.   This took over 8 hours to complete

This could be a very long day or multiple days or shorter depending upon your age.  

Imagine age 59!   That’s 5 sports with each sport lasting 59 minutes and 9 times through!   Yes that will take just about 45 hours, whew! 

Give this a try and have fun with it!

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