Become a Better Presenter, Writer, Salesperson by STANDING UP

October 09, 2016

As the business world has evolved to more discussions around the health benefits of standing with the stand up desk station and sitting in front of the computer classified as the “New Smoking”, have you considered how standing up can help your presentations, writing and sales results, beyond the health benefits? “New research from Texas A&M University showed a 46% increase in worker productivity by standing up.”, IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors.  They looked at two control groups for 6 months and productivity was measured by how many successful calls each group made from stand up desks vs. sitting.

The Simple 3 Key’s to Improving Your Results  - Presenting, Writing, and Sales

  1. If you want to become a better presenter speak in front of audiences every day even if it’s in front of your dog.
  2. The key to becoming a better writer and communicator is to write every day.
  3. Sales – To close more sales ask someone every day to buy something you offer of value.

Consider the potential impact of adding in a standing routine with the 3 Key’s.



When you make a presentation to a small group in an office setting, force yourself at certain points to stand up. Maybe you walk to the white board and illustrate with a picture or words, the point is to get up and stand to CONTROL the room.  Have you considered an “all” stand up meeting for your normal Monday morning office meeting?

Standing up will result in you projecting in a clearer voice versus sitting along with demonstrating more confidence.


If you are a writer and communicate to customers via newsletters, emails, blogs, etc. consider the standing up just like Hemingway for additional inspiration and energy into your writing. It’s not about having a standup desk, just stand and place you laptop on a counter or high location – even the trunk of your car!


In my early days of sales before cell phones, email, voicemail, PC’s in every office, faxes, conference calls and online social media networking, I learned the practice like many new sales representatives, the art of cold calling over the phone. The second parameter for effective cold calling was to stand while making the call along with making sure you had a longer extension to the phone jack. I remember walking around the small rooms carrying my office phone – not a portable but the entire phone chassis!

The typical sales business in the 1980’s thrived with energy and accountability results with a simple end of the week chalkboard.  Each individual sales representative would walk to the chalkboard and stand next to their name every Friday afternoon to write down the NUMBER of sales for the week. Everyone was standing during the “walk up to the board” and all eyes were on you when you wrote down the number. Clearly the energy level (good and bad) went through the roof vs. just sitting and watching.

Standing up will result in you projecting in a clearer voice versus sitting along with demonstrating more confidence.


Action Idea:  Over the month of October, incorporate standing time periods for your team meetings, blog or content writing and sales presentations. Monitor the results of just incorporating small time slots of standing into your daily routine.

Stand up and be more productive!


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