May 08, 2019

We are happy to announce some of the exciting news of events that are in the works for the ultra endurance world. 

1. Trans Am Tri – May 19, 2020 – This is the first across the US point-to point official triathlon. The event is semi-supported, meaning that some crews will be allowed during the swim and mandatory during the run. The bike across the US will be a self-supported endeavor. We have athletes from multiple countries coming. All information is on If there is enough interest we will consider hosting a ½ Trans Am Tri for those who can’t take the time off for the full Trans Am Tri.

2. Southern Tier Swelter Bike race - May 21, 2020 This self supported bike- packing race will follow the same bike course of the Trans Am Tri and continues to the Pacific Ocean while the Trans Am Tri athletes run to the ocean from Death Valley National Park. We will have a website designed with all the particular information for this bike event. The start will be near St. Augustine, Florida and finishing at Point Mugu State Park, California

3. DECAMANUSA – Year of Endurance Festival – Preliminarily October, 2020 – New Orleans. We will host a wide range of options to meet the needs of many athletes – veterans and first timers. After evaluating the options in Florida this next event made the most sense in Louisiana because of the community support from the previous race. The run course and housing options will all be upgraded to the new facilities. We will continue to examine Florida for the future events.

1. Triple DECA – 1x30 (Ironman per day format)
2. Double DECA – Continuous Option
3. Double DECA 1x20
4. Blore Split DECA – 1x10 DECA followed immediately with Classic DECA
5. Classic DECA
6. 1x10 DECA
7. Quintuple Continuous
8. Quintuple 1x5
9. Quadruple Continuous
10. Triple Continuous
11. Double Continuous
12. Single Iron distance

4. Texas Ultra Triathlon 2021, 25K Lake Swim, 1,525K bike, 275K run – (specific race month still being determined) - This event will follow similar rules as the Trans Am Tri (Semi Supported event).

5. Pittsburgh Double Iron Triathlon Preliminary – The event will be held in the early September timeframe. We have the course set within North Park – 4.8 miles in the largest outdoor pool in the US, 224 miles on 2 mile closed loop and a 52.4 mile run on a 1.2 mile loop (north of the city of Pittsburgh, PA) and are just waiting to get clarification of road resurfacing.

6. Cyprus Ultra Triathlon – Preliminary time is November 2022 – Exploring the options to connect the cities of Larnaca, Pafhos and Nicosia and Limassol to have the first point-to-point event within the country. We will evaluate DECA option along with a Double Ultraman version.

7. Quad DECA 2022 or 2023  -The Longest Triathlon, 96 mile swim (pool), 4,480 mile bike (across the US starting in Portland, Oregon and then athletes will ride the Trans Am Bike Route race) and onward to the 1,048 mile run. The run will be a loop course with crewing on a soft surface within a park.

In addition to the above list of events, our team is evaluating an event in Eastern Oregon along with one in Vermont. These two events will follow similar format as Texas and to be used as qualifying races for the Trans Am Tri and traffic free gravel roads will be incorporated into the events.

We look forward to future discussions with the IUTA governing body to partner with sanctioning and by establishing the United States Ultra Triathlon Association (USUTA) with a fun point series and add opportunities for athletes.

Our goal is to provide epic lifetime experiences with a multitude of race venues and formats. SIMPLICITY, UNITY, FREEDOM!



Get ready!

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