EverEST Bike Challenge Perspectives

September 26, 2017

The Everesting Challenge is an intriguing idea for those of you who want to do "your own" long endurance event.   The history of the idea and rules can all be found at   The rules are quite simple, find a hill and ride up and down it for as long as it takes to complete 29,029 feet or 8,848 meters of elevation gain.   

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DECA Budget Estimator - Plan for the financial cost of the DECA ahead of time

September 15, 2017

Like any event, the overall DECA race costs should be evaluated and consolidated into a budget. Many times, the race excitement overtakes the financial reality and rough estimates of the cost to participate in a long event like the DECA. Over the years, coaching and advising athletes with respect to the DECA, one of the major missteps is that athletes don’t fully understand what everything will cost with the DECA. The DECA is significantly less expensive compared to races like Ultraman, Race Across America, climbing Mt. Everest, swimming the English Channel and other multi-day events.

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Entrepreneurial Leaders, Share Your Own Words

August 21, 2017

If you are a business owner, one of the challenges is ensuring continuity of communications from leaders to the team and clients. A content messaging challenge for many business owners that I have worked with is having only team members (or outsourcing partners) write all the content for the company.

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Personalized Participation Awards in Endurance Sports

August 02, 2017

Times have surely changed in this constant connection, self-promotion world that has evolved during the rapid growth of endurance racing. There is a positive aspect, making your race goal public will help with personal accountability (yes it adds pressure). However, the other side is a constant barrage of personal participation award related information.

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"I Don't Train" Trend in Ultra Endurance Racing

July 12, 2017

Wow, have things changed since the days of training intensely to building to a key ultra endurance race. As I hear over and over again, many athletes just winging it and sign up for ultra events with no training, I still wonder why? Save the entry fee, travel and race budget and just do it on your own. However, the missing ingredient with the "do it on your own journeys", there is no personal interaction and hyped up race environment. Clearly the personal interaction from the ultra family space of a race atmosphere attracts many athletes and maybe it's because of our lack of face to face connection in the world we live in.

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Classic DECA Training Top 3 Tips Excerpts from “It’s All About The DECA"

June 27, 2017

“There is no typical week. Every week is an interesting challenge to fit in as much training as I can into a packed schedule that gives top priority to work and family. Nowadays, I can afford only an average of 9 hours per week for training. I used to train up to an average of 15 hours per week. To make those fewer hours count, I had to drastically modify my training intensity and periodization in order to get the most out of the meager time I can afford.” Harm Wei

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June 02, 2017


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It's All About The Deca - Personal Learning Lessons of DecA #1 - Book Excerpts

April 03, 2017

One key goal in my 4th upcoming book was to share some of my personal stories, learning experiences and lessons from other athletes.   All of my past insane stories are covered in live presentations, but I have often forgot to include in the books.  The books have been centered around the race, history and the athletes and not a personal day by day account of my race.  However, there  will be plenty in It's All About The Deca.  You will love the The DECA Tool Kit in the book. 

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Scrubbing Your CRM System

January 18, 2017

The almighty CRM (customer relationship management) system is the hub of client and prospect information for most businesses. There are numerous CRM systems used by individuals and organizations including SalesForce, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Insightly, Zoho, Pipedrive, PipelineDeals, etc. The number of CRM systems continues to trend upward especially with inbound marketing becoming more and more prevalent.

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2016 Calendar Tour in 4 Steps Adjust, Revamp, Retool for 2017

January 03, 2017

As we all roll into the New Year, consider taking a tour of your 2016 calendar and build a +- Review Sheet.  It may offer insights to what to do more of and less of in 2017 to keep your emotions in check.

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