October 22, 2018

As we approach the year-end ultra triathlon-racing season with DECAMANUSA (along with all the other major ultra endurance events), one thing we can guarantee that will happen, is DRAMA. Each athlete deals with adversity and corresponding DRAMA differently, but make sure your event does not end like a Greek tragedy.

The challenge with multi day loop course events lasting longer than 3 or 4 days is that many things will not go according to plan. Things will go wrong and that's a guarantee. If the race involves crewing, you will have host of personalities and in many cases egos get involved with bad decision making.

This is your final year-end race and consider just a few of the points below might help reduce some of the DRAMA for athletes and crews (if applicable).


13 Athletes Considerations

  • Remember you are choosing to do the event and HAVE FUN.
  • Race your own race and don’t compare yourself to everyone else.
  • Keep you mind focused on yourself and as much as possible eliminate outside distractions.
  • Outsource all your social media posting, etc. if possible. If you can’t then limit the time wasting of posting everything. Typically in today’s world of racing, the race management team will handle a lot of information sharing.
  • If you decide to strike up a conversation or say hello with a passing athlete (coming in the other direction) and they only say a few words or ignore you, IT’s OK. Let them to their race. Many athletes just remain calm and quiet when racing.
  • Don’t be a constant distraction to other athletes by being a constant expert with recommendations of what they are doing wrong.
  • If you hear about the outside drama going on with crews and athletes, just laugh to yourself – it helps.
  • You may yell, scream or completely disagree with your crew at the “low points” during a race, just remember they are there to help you.
  • Make sure you are 100% on the same page as you crew PRIOR to the start of the race.
  • Thank your crew, volunteers and friends and smile often – it will help your mood.
  • If you happen to drop out of the race for whatever reason and decide to stay at the event, jump in and help another athlete or volunteer vs. just moping around and creating more drama.
  • Have Croc shoes available or an extra large pair when the feet become a mess. Blistered feet and misery will cause more DRAMA and distractions as crew members and staff will all have a different solution.
  • Don’t ever stop eating and your energy and mood level with result with less drama.




13 Crew Considerations

  • Don’t abandon your athlete. This happens so much its mind-boggling!
  • Leave your EGO at home, the race is about the athlete and you are there to support them. This continues to be one the factors that leads to non-stop DRAMA and in many cases will cause the dreaded athlete DNF.
  • If your athlete is screaming and yelling and miserable, have a plan to get it resolved with a plan before the race.
  • Tell you athletes that no matter what, all the drama of the event will no affect a long-term relationship between you all.
  • Monitor your athletes and keep their spirits up and don’t discuss the DRAMA occurring throughout the race.
  • Don’t tell your athlete on day 1 of a 5 or 10 day race that they have an hour lead on their nearest competitor. It’s a long long race.
  • Keep you athlete moving at all times (unless a serious injury or sickness). This is the most important aspect of effective crewing – FORWARD MOVEMENT.
  • Monitor your athletes sleep schedule.
  • Don’t allow another crew member or athlete to sabotage your athlete’s race. Keep their head in the game. ELIMINATE NEGATIVE ENERGY
  • Stay organized as much as possible.
  • Use the words “Its Rally time” to your athlete.
  • Have you athlete sleep with their feet elevated if possible.
  • Be encouraging to all the athletes.

Make sure you embrace your final event of the year and make lasting positive memories and not DRAMA infused bad memories. Have fun and good luck with your final year race!

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