If You Want to Be Your Own Boss, Go Outside on a 30 Day Journey - Top 5 Business Lesson Takeaways

April 24, 2019

Over the past 15 years, I have consulted and coached new entrepreneurs, who were considering leaving the paycheck comfort of a salary job to becoming part of the You Economy. 

I start with one question and follow up statement (you might imagine the puzzled looks on the faces of the aspiring entrepreneur).

  1. “How bad do you want it?”
  2. “Go on a 30 day journey in nature.”

The business benefits and lessons of a 30-day solo nature journey of hiking or biking may be instrumental in your self-evaluation of going out on your own with a new business idea. It’s not a necessity by any means, but the benefits can be significant over time.


5 Lessons From a Solo Nature Journey that Crosses over to an Entrepreneur:

  1. Self Sufficiency – If you are hiking or biking a long distance that is point to point (not supported), it builds immediate resiliency when things go wrong and motivation wanes When starting your business, it’s no different and no matter what help is offered through outsourcing, you must learn how to motivate yourself through the ups and downs of a start-up business. When you learn self-sufficiency in nature they are many uncertainties and learning how to overcome being fearful in the elements outside is just like when you attempt to land your first client.   You learn how to sell very quickly!
  1. Organization – When preparing for a 30-day nature adventure, you must plan. It can be a simple as a word document checklist including all the key components necessary to reach your timeline goals.   When you are on your 30 day journey, you organize and plan your day with the key requirements of water, food, shelter and you will automatically become organized no matter if you are an organizer or not.  Managing your business in the future with quarterly forecasts and results must be part of a summary plan and timeline.

3, Simple Processes – Less is more philosophy will come in handy on your 30-day nature journey.  We tend to overcomplicate what is actually needed to survive an adventure with many unknowns.    When you construct your business services, products and plan, consider keeping things very simple at the beginning and build over time.  In business the most rudimentary task is to get someone to buy something from you to earn a sale (you cannot hide).


  1. Endurance – The fortitude to ride your bike or hike a trail for a month will require physical and mental endurance. There will be days when you feel exhausted but the daily grind of the trail is just like the 100-hour workweek when you launch your own company.    There is no such thing as an easy 30 days unknown journey or shortcuts to the late night hours to your new business venture.   The key is to embrace discomfort.
  1. Taking Risks – Fear will creep into your mind when you attempt to complete something very difficult like riding your bike across the US or through hiking a trail. You will be alone and must learn how to deal with fear. You must learn how to get fear out of your head but just moving with forward motion.  Just like in business, not knowing every possible scenario, just keep grinding day in and day out.   When you take risks you learn how to deal with sleepless nights, upcoming meetings/presentations, client issues, human capital and not having money to make payroll.


The 30 day nature journey is no guarantee of success with your entrepreneurial future, however it may set the stage toward personal growth and soul searching for resources where you need the most help with the new company.  There are very few “Hacks” while outside and dealing with changing weather and survival becomes the number one priority.   Similarly, your entrepreneurial journey will require massive persistence and discipline and honing those two skills will be enhanced with a 30-day adventure.  

Best success to your journey! 

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