How To Shake-Up Your Career    

January 09, 2018

Unlike 30-40 years ago, as our parents and grandparents stayed at one job forever, the trends have clearly changed especially with the new exciting creativity and disruption mentality of so many millennial. When was the last time you looked at your career path and did a deep dive evaluation?   It's just like looking down a road or path. 

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I’m not saying there is anything wrong with staying at one career or job, or for that matter, owning a business in one industry. There are the two schools of thought specialization in an area deeply vs. the explorer mentality of trying many things and a broadening focus. Everyone has his or her own opinions of what’s better.

My career path is nothing that special or unusual, for illustration purposes it was intriguing to look back at all the life and businesses experiences working. It was interesting to see the career path written on paper.  This is the key to the exercise - write it down!

Try it – it’s a worthwhile exercise that may provide insights as you look toward your next venture or just remaining where you are – which is ok. When you look at the various careers, see what life skills you learned and which could be improved within other industries and specific roles.

Career Path Exercise - Personal Career Path Example:

  • Camp counselor in training – age 14
  • Lifeguard – then promoted to head lifeguard which offered me the role of bathroom cleaning during busy times along with cleaning out the dumpster every week.
  • Resume Writing business with the use of a typewriter – no computers yet
  • Greek Restaurant Manager – paid my way through college – must have been karma, destiny, whatever you want to call it, 15 years later I would marry a Greek
  • Manager Trainee at a car rental company – first job out of college and wrecked a car and was out of a job in 4 months.
  • Life Insurance Sales Door to Door – probably best job ever as I learned rejection daily and achieving goals
  • Financial Planner Trainee
  • Big 6 Accounting firm Tax Sr. Manager
  • Adjunct faculty teaching Financial Planning at several local colleges.
  • First acquisition of and existing tax practice
  • Executive Benefits Consulting –mid tier consulting company
  • Senior management role at a Fortune 500 services/consulting company
  • Founder of a Real Estate Company
  • Volunteer with English as A Secondary Language program through local Literacy Council
  • CEO of an Insurance company and residing in Belize
  • Executive of an London based investment company – residing in London
  • Running Race organizer
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur Advisor/Athlete coach
  • Global speaking/Capital Raising business

Being an entrepreneur (financial services) over the last 20+ years from my first acquisition, every single one of these life experiences offered personal learning and growth. As you reflect on your experiences, think of the people who offered assistance or became a hindrance – best bosses and worst bosses. Write them down and then do something out of the box – try to reconnect with them (including the bad bosses), as you will never know where it could lead. Send them a video so they can see your face vs. the typical email.   Who knows, maybe another career opportunity?

How does your career list look - the good, the bad and the ugly?

As we all hear again and again, time fly’s by. Consider writing down your career path – this is not a resume writing experience.  It's an evaluation of what things you would like to try in the future or not. This exercise might not be all work related, but adventure related or something else. The career path exercise might spur some creative thoughts and answers to the question of What’s next?  Do something you love and make yourself a bit uncomfortable, what’s the worst that can happen?

Do you want to Shake-Up your career? Send me a note or video to of what’s been your best career move and the worst. I would love to offer you some career ideas!





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