Heat Acclimation, 6 Tips and Strategies– Ultra Endurance Races

September 20, 2019

How do you get ready for the extreme dry heat of the desert or intense humidity in a multiple day ultra endurance race?  This type of training is extreme and make sure you start short, maybe 5 minutes!  Please implement a process of gradual progression all of these techniques.

Start 6-7 weeks before your race date, 2x -4x per week.

Learn how to hydrate in the extreme heat environments. Test different liquids and capsules for electrolyte replacement.  

Consider these tips to get yourself ready.

  1. Wetsuit on the Bike – put on your wetsuit and use it as your base layer on your indoor bike trainer, use bike shorts and multiple layers for your core.
  2. The Garbage Bag – Use it as a base layer shirt, cut in room for arms and head and use it right next to your skin and then add layer after layer on top of it. You can use insider or outside on the bike and run.
  3. Sweat pants and heavy shirts – layer on your outside runs will multiple layers on Non-Wicking clothing. Think about $5 sweatpants or sweatshirts.   Use what your have.   Heavy cotton works best, make sure you have anti friction sweat creams or you will be a chafed mess.
  4. The wool ski cap – This is one of the toughest items to add to your extra layers, especially inside when you have the garbage bag or wetsuit on.
  5. Sauna – Start with 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit and start with 5-10 minutes 3 times a week
  6. Car Heater – start using the heater in your car when the temperature rises.
Trans Am Tip 2 - Heat Acclimation year a few of these out and see if they m

Mix it up all of the techniques with inside and outside training! It helps dramatically.

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