Grateful for 2017 - Onward With 2018 Goals - Top 8 Goal Tips for '18

December 27, 2017


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As 2017 comes to a close, consider spending a few days reflecting on the year.  If you have not taken the time to do a self reflection exercise,  it might open up possibilities for future growth.  In the world of constant negative talk from TV, radio and the constant barrage of social media,  reflecting will feel like a cleansing of the year.  If you have experienced a year of setting too many goals with no focus, no action, failure and DNF's “Do Not Finishes”,  consider a 2018 disruption.  Change is hard,  but what is the worst thing that can happen if you to go against the grain in 2018?

REFLECTION PRINCIPLE: As you look at 2017, many things will come to mind - the one that I personally see at the top is relationships. Throughout my financial client work, racing, planning events and travel, the most fulfilling experiences are always with positive people.  As I look back on 2017 I am so thankful that I had the opportunities to meet and build lasting relationships with my financial clients and endurance friends.  This is just me and your refection highlights might be quite different. 

Ask yourself the following questions and write out your answers:

1. Was 2017 the year you expected?

2. How many major failures did you experience?

3. How many great relationships have you started to build and how many individuals did you eliminate from your life - the negative folks?

4. Flush out your social media and relationships that provide no inherit value in your life.

GOALS 2018

Deep think the question of Why?

Why do you want to achieve the specific goal? How will your life change (or not) by accomplishing the goal? How many friends and family do you know that come up with so many ideas, they never do anything and are great “talkers”.  In our social media infested world, we see this time and again and for 2018 actually commit to take action and do something!   Finally when thinking about goals, focus on YOUR Goals and not comparing to someone else, do it for yourself first. 

TOP 8 for '18

1. Use a journal and clearly write down 5 goals with exact deadline dates.  Goals not Resolutions! 

2. Pick a few categories as outlined in my book “Never Say I Wish I Had” - Family, Health, Adventures, Travel, Business as examples and pick one goal for each with a short timeline

3. Consider Goal Setting in shorter time frames for 2018 - 30, 60, 90 days

4. Build a SIMPLE plan of attack daily for your goals and add to your calendar

5. Develop an Accountability system (Try Evernote for tracking) or another person to keep you on track. To increase action, add some cash.  Money is a great motivator with respect to paying a friend with a simple fun wager tied to each of your goals.  

6. Develop one over the top goal that will challenge you everyday and will be difficult to achieve.

7. Read 10 books in 2018 that will provide insights to new ideas and select 1 idea and try it out.

8. Print out pictures, don't just store them on your phone and computer and add them to your journal. Take one photo a day and gather the 365 pictures and print them out and put them in an album - YES try it!  Most individuals will never look at all of the thousands of photo's on their phone and computer.

It's always intriguing to me when a few individuals tell me they are not fans of positive thinking principals, goal setting,  meditation and they won’t read a book from a motivational speaker or a personal development strategist. The typical response is the same “I don’t want to pay money to these folks for a course and I don’t believe in the over-hyped world of self improvement.”   It's true that the current crop of self improvement individuals rehash old methodologies with slight changes, but the principals will work if you do them day after day. Without discipline and a daily routine, no self improvement tool will work.

Wishing you all the very best in 2018 and go out and CRUSH some big goals. - Oops I sound like a motivational speaker:-)

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