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August 21, 2017

Writing pen content image.jpgIf you are a business owner, one of the challenges is ensuring continuity of communications from leaders to the team and clients. A content messaging challenge for many business owners that I have worked with is having only team members (or outsourcing partners) write all the content for the company.

A key to expansion and growth of the business is to involve more individuals within the organization to take on full responsibility to specific tasks and duties that were all in the hands of the founder during the start up phase. However, the shift of responsibilities with respect to content to clients, prospects and the community must include a personal message or update from the leader.

The entrepreneur's voice and passion can’t be duplicated from team members. A common misstep is to have internal personnel take on the full responsibility for content creation. Consider a joint strategy where content is mixed with team members (with the leadership vision) in their own voice along with a consistent message from the leader. It will resonate with established clients and new client acquisition targets.

You may be thinking that the leader has limited time for content but it’s not that difficult to manage. Establish a regular schedule to post the leader’s content in a newsletter, blog, client email, etc. one time per month or quarterly. This is extremely important if the entrepreneur is looking to raise capital for expansion or has a new investor. Leadership communication is crucial for transparency and no B.S. with investors.

Very similar to any content calendar schedule of blogging or newsletters, just add into your schedule the “leaders” content topics and schedule them on a consistent basis. They should be a combination of written words and video/audio to reach your audience in various mediums that fit their preferences.

Content takes many forms from leaders and mix and match to track the best results. Leaders that communicate consistently with quality content to their audience will reap the rewards with future business opportunities, relationships, partnerships and investors. This is not that difficult but without a process of regular content creation from leadership it will be placed on the back burner to do list. Quality content consistently if moved to the top of the to do list will create the most important item in any business over time – sales opportunities. Looking for a content strategy session for your team as we approach the final business quarter for 2017? Click here now

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