The Branding Pyramid and 21 Brand Monitoring Ideas

August 17, 2016

The Branding Pyramid and 21 Brand Monitoring Ideas

Similar to the investment pyramid what does your branding pyramid look like? As you may know the investment pyramid starts at the base with conservative (low risk/low return) investments and then moves up to higher returns but increased risk of principal. Each section of the pyramid has a timeframe for the specific asset classes, the higher the risk assets the longer the time horizon and low risk assets have lower time horizons and less opportunity for principal loss.

The Branding Pyramid follows similar rules as illustrated below:



3 Parts of your Brand are very simple and in the marketplace work on explaining peach of the following in 3 minutes.

Who you are?

What you do?

What makes you different and memorable?

How you create value for tribe?  


Monitoring your Brand and Results Month By Month:

Establish Goals with Timelines for each and then separate tracking by month for action and results

  1. How many Blog or content posts per week
  2. Google Alert your name – what shows up when you Google your name?
  3. Press Releases per month
  4. Linked In - People reviewing your page
  5. Number of Linked in Recommendations
  6. Number of hand written Thank You Notes written and Thank you video’s sent
  7. YouTube Channel - How many subscribers
  8. How Many Likes and comments per FB Page
  9. How many client testimonials
  10. How many newspaper, TV or media articles are housed on your website
  11. Survey Results
  12. Formal Publications
  13. Contributions of articles to newspapers and other blogs
  14. Speaking engagements - taped and uploaded to YouTube
  15. Network of true connections - CRM development
  16. How many connections have turned into loyal ambassadors
  17. How many touch points with clients, prospects, and centers of influence per week.
  18. Twitter - How many key articles written or others sent per week
  19. Monthly monitoring of competition and industry trends
  20. Goals for how risky or controversial your voice and message
  21. Build two sentence brand statement or mantra
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